Thursday, November 19, 2015

Being Relevant

I gave my 3rd lecture at Cal Lutheran College in Thousand Oaks today. The first 2 lectures were on storyboarding and they asked me back to do one for an Advertising Principals class. As I was compiling a PowerPoint together, I realized, man, this is all old stuff. Disney classics, 101 Dalmatians, Merry Poppins, Rescuers Down Under, The Santa Clause – all pretty ancient. I am so not current anymore, I thought - I’m going to get laughed out of the classroom. But then no, the principals are all still the same, so I went with it.
As I talked and presented the slides, the students were all very engaged and the time went by surprisingly fast. What surprised me even more was, after it was over, I looked up from packing up my Mac and was amazed to see a handful of students had lined up to talk with me. They were so thankful and sincerely nice. One girl said “it’s so amazing to see and meet the person responsible for all those movie covers we had in our home – that was so much a part of my childhood magic, thank you.” And here I though they wouldn’t relate. Life is great.